Curriculum Overview 2021-2022


The curriculum for K-5 students will be based on Florida Standards in all academic subjects.

Students in Grade K-2 will be immersed in reading, writing, phonics, and word study instruction through materials that support the science of reading.  They will grow their content knowledge in the areas of science, social studies, social emotional learning and literacy topics.   During each unit, students are deeply immersed in a topic for three weeks. At the end of each unit, students will show what they know through inquiry projects and culminating tasks. They will meet with the teacher for small group instruction to allow for differentiation so that we ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our students. Students will listen to read-alouds, read along in shared readings, learn songs and rhymes to support the development of phonemic awareness and read a variety of books.  Benchmark Advance is the name of the new literacy adoption for the 21-22 school year.  

Students in Grade 3-5 follow a Balanced Literacy Program, which provides Shared Reading, Read Aloud, Guided Reading, small group instruction, independent learning opportunities, independent reading and writing about reading. Our purpose is to ensure students are placed in “just right books” based on their independent and instructional level which will allow them to grow in reading throughout the school year.  The program includes leveled readers, classroom libraries, mentor texts, a phonics component, and a leveled book room for teachers.   Students in Grade 3-5 are actively involved in the writing process across all academic areas.  There are three forms of writing which are stressed:  Narrative (telling a story), Opinion (persuasion), and Informational.

For students in Grade K-5, iReady is implemented for approximately 45 minutes per week and provides valid and reliable growth measures and individualized instruction for students in reading.


The Science consumable text for grades K-5 is STEMscopes produced by Accelerated Learning.  Additional supplemental materials and grade leveled readers are utilized to meet students’ individual needs. Labs, hands-on activities and technology resources are incorporated into the curriculum.  Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Math and Science Fair.  


The Math consumable text, practice book and online component for grades K-5 is EnVision Florida by Savvas.  Additional supplemental materials are utilized to meet students’ individual needs. Hands-on activities and technology resources are incorporated into the curriculum.  SuccessMaker is the online component of the math curriculum and students are expected to accumulate 45 minutes per week.  Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Math and Science Fair.  


The social studies curriculum is infused into the reading curriculum in grades K-5.  Thematic units are implemented across grade levels which allow teachers and students to work cooperatively to access information and create projects and presentations.  All grade levels cover curriculum based on Florida Statute 1003.42 in addition to teaching the Florida Standards.  


Technology is utilized throughout the curriculum and school to support instruction and learning.  Each student has a personalized portal with a range of technology resources, including textbook accessibility.