Human Growth & Development Study Exemption

Any parent in Grades 3-5 may choose to have their child be exempt from participating in the Human Growth & Development unit of study. Parents must complete form PBSD 2140 and return to their child's teacher. Forms will be sent home with students prior to the unit of study.  Human Growth and Development Opt out form link

For parents of students in K-2 that do not want their child to participate a signed and dated letter should be sent to the teacher indicating that their child is opting out.

If an exemption form (3-5) or parent letter (K-2) is not received then the student will participate in the Human Growth & Development unit of study.

If you have any question or concerns please contact the school at 752-1101.

Human Growth & Development
Topics Addressed For Elementary Students Only

K-2: Germs and Hygiene; Character Education; Amber Watch; Too Good for Drugs

Grades 3-5 (girls and boys taught separately)

  • Self-esteem and responsible decision making; Amber Watch (3rd grade)
  • Healthy and unhealthy touching (5th grade)
  • Puberty
  • Male and female reproductive systems (5th grade)
  • HIV/AIDS (how HIV can and can not be contracted)

At each level (elementary) the main concepts are similar; however, the specific lessons present the information in a manner appropriate to the age level of the student. For example, information on HIV is presented at both the 4th and 5th grade levels. However, the topic is covered in more depth at the 5th grade level.